THANKYOU! All 1,000 of you!

I just wanted to let you all know how blown away I am by your show of support. I started posting on this blog exactly a month ago today and in that first month I have had one thousand visitors. So many of you have stopped by from such far-flung places as Indonesia, New Zealand, Finland, China, the UAE and Bermuda.

I confess, this blog has become more than an information/entertainment source. For me it is a way of assimilating the world around me, clarifying my thoughts and becoming a better writer. It has also become an addiction, my mind is constantly formulating the next post and my morning coffee wouldn’t be the same without checking my stats!

So a huge THANK YOU to you all and a reminder that this is your blog as well. Let me know if there’s anything you would like to hear about or any questions you have. I love hearing from you and replying to your comments. Help me to keep delivering interesting pieces, tell me what would make them better.

And to those of you who have subscribed, a big hug and kiss – I treasure your commitment 🙂

4 thoughts on “THANKYOU! All 1,000 of you!

  1. I’ve enjoyed the down to earth views of your blogg topics, on current affairs and lifes little/big challenges…congratuations, well done, اچھا کیا, よくやった, ben fatto, bravo, 做得好 and keep them coming!

    • Glad they have kept you entertained. You’ve dealt with the increased competition for my attention admirably! Seriously though, your support and enthusism, not to mention your marketing have gone a long way to making this blog what it is. It tickles me that you have caught the inspirational bug and offer ideas too. We’re in it together!!!

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