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“It’s chocolate Jim, but not as we know it…”

Following on from yesterdays post about my monumental Dairymilk disappointment, I thought about all those who are suffering in the same way I am. So today’s post will be a sweet reminder for all those Americans/Canadians overseas who can’t get their preferred candy fix! At least if you can’t taste it, you can salivate over the screen. I truly wish I could integrate “Scratch ‘n’ Sniff” into this for you, I really do.

It was with you guys in mind, that I set aside my disguise of dyed-in-the-wool Canadian  and whipped out my camera in Metro, becoming, once again, That-Funny-British-Woman-Who’s-Always-In-Here-What’s-She-Doing-Now?

The manager appeared, doing a recce on the pretext of going on a fag-break, but I did my best not to look shifty. (I’m sure this results in me looking more so, but I can’t help it. The same thing always happens going through Customs…)

So, I’ll shut up while you feast your eyes on this…

Hershey Bars

Hershey Bars - always make me think of Willie Wonka!

Confectionary, candy, chocolate, Reese, Coffee Crisp, Smarties

Reese - main protagonist in the nightmares of all nut-allergy sufferers, and the wafer creation that is Coffee Crisp - the slight hint of coffee being it's one redeeming feature...

Confectionary, candy, chocolate, O Henry, Mr Big
The fabled O Henry and Mr Big

You will have to draw upon memory for Butterfingers, Baby Ruth’s and anything else I’ve missed. Unfortunately, we ate all the Baby Ruth’s pretty instantaneously following Halloween (we of course, means the kids, not K & I), they were an out-and-out favourite!

I’d like to close on a little something for those of you in the UK. A reminder that, however tough things are, you still have the NHS, which I now know to be a wonder of human creation, and, 2-for-1 deals on massive tins of Quality Street and Roses. I would imagine the two are linked in some way by this, but that’s another train of thought. Imagine having to pay this for a mere 725g…

Quality Street, confectionary

Woeful..... just woeful


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