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My blog is great…apparently!

So says the amazing Jenny at cheetahsinmyshoes. I’m not going to feign indifference, I fully agree with her – why wouldn’t I? This is the first thing I have created in a long time that doesn’t poo, shout or pull hair.

We’re into the last days of NaBloPoMo now and, to be honest with you, I can’t wait for it to end! What started as a secret, personal challenge has cemented itself into a millstone round my neck. Now, I love an accessory that makes me look skinny, but a millstone would not be my item of choice. Don’t get me wrong – I’m never happier than when I’m writing, and at the end of every day I am buoyed up by the thought that tomorrow will be a whole other day to muse and ramble – but so many other things have been put on hold throughout November. Take my eyebrows, for instance. Not been touched, tweezed, tweaked or teased since October!
The worst part though, has been my total lack of other writing. There have been no articles for periodicals, or guides for expat websites, minimal networking and a shameful lack of reciprocal publicity sent to the wonderful friends and mentors in the blogging community that support, encourage and advise me. I promise to rectify this come December. Guides honour!
Anyway, lets wrap this up so I can go off and do something else. I have to tell you seven secret things about myself. Good thing I have a well-stocked skeleton cupboard. All the same,  I prefer to retain an air of mystery so let me have a rifle through and I’ll see what I can make available to you….

  1. I once locked Geraldine in the sports cupboard at school and then forgot about her for the WHOLE lunchbreak. Geraldine, if you’re reading, I still remember it and I’m not proud.
  2. I never used to eat the pork in my packed lunch pork pies – I always threw it in the bin – sorry Mum.
  3. I didn’t waste thought or analysis on the big commitment of marriage, despite the numerous challenges a mixed race marriage is bound to throw at you. When the question arose, I just thought “Yeah, let’s go for it!” and jumped in! Nine years on, it’s still the best decision I ever made 🙂
  4. I was barely aware of the existence of Canada until two years ago, when we first discussed living and working here. Now I’m reading up on Kazakhstan, just to get ahead of the game…
  5. I am a serial “Finders Keepers” advocate. I am not one of those saintly people who place the lost item in a conspicuous place for retrieval. I am the pikey who pockets it! If I own any of your gloves, books, kids toys, etc. I apologise, but you know how the saying goes, “Finders keepers, losers weepers”. Look after your stuff.
  6. I accidentally dyed my hair green a month before my wedding.
  7. I was once homeless and had to wash in the local sports centre. In those days you could access the changing rooms and showers, it was only poolside that you had to produce a ticket. I didn’t have a swimsuit so I had to shower naked. The funny thing was, others started doing it too! I might have been homeless but I was still a trend-setter 😉

Right, that’s enough spilling of guts for one day, I’m off to pick up J from school with my nice neat eyebrows and my expertly tied scarf – Erica over at Expatria Baby knows what I’m on about!

Oh, nearly forgot, I’m passing this badge along to MaDonna at raisingTCKS , Sally at Who’s the Mummy? and Fiona at NLPmum.


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