The most precious things

The most precious thingsIt can happen any day. There doesn’t have to be anything special going on. But there’ll be that heart-stopping, cloud-clearing moment when you’re suddenly infused with happiness as you realise that you have all you need in this world, right here with you, right now. And that moment is just perfection…

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13 thoughts on “The most precious things

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You’ve created a wonderful situation/family/lifestyle for yourself. Enjoy every long-lasting moment of it. Good job.

    Sensei Russ

    • What a funny thing this blogging malarky is. You can build such lovely friendships with people a million miles away. Thank you Russ, that comment felt like how I imagine it must be to get a congratulatory pat on the back from your big bro! As the eldest of four girls, that’s something I’m not familiar with. I appreciate all the encouragement you’ve given me on my blogging adventure. With In Search Of A Life Less Ordinary as my original inspiration, your success and skill is something I’m working hard to emulate.

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