Birthday Boy!

For today’s “You’re Beautiful”, I can’t help but focus on the miracle of life. The fragility and need of a newborn that pulls on the heartstrings like the most adept of puppet-masters, and the wonder of watching a child grow – those sudden jolts of realization when, for an instant, you are acutely aware of just how far they’ve come. 

Becoming a parent is the most strange and profound thing that I have ever experienced. It leaves you as vulnerable and exposed as a fresh wound, while at the same time enriching your senses to the point that it feels as though your entire life before was just a two-dimensional existence that held all the gravity and importance of a game of hop-scotch…

Faces of a lifetime so far

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6 thoughts on “Birthday Boy!

  1. Becoming a parent is not only beautiful, but life changing! When your little one experiences the joy of his first child, your heart feels as if it will explode with joy. You want to share your mistakes and successes, but you remain silent knowing your words will fall on stoney ground… 🙂 Make the most of every precious moment when he is young, the years pass so quickly and then you are just left with photographs and memories. I have so many “if only” moments when I look back…

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