Nominated for the MAD Blog Awards

I just found out I’ve been nominated for a MAD Blog Award in the Best Family Life blog category. Because families are all as individual as snowflakes, this category celebrates family life in all it’s diversity, and Diversity is my little family’s middle name! Multi-national, multi-lingual and multi-cultural, it seems multi-tasking is the only “multi-” still eluding me!

Thanks to those of you who’ve voted for me already. If, like me, you were totally oblivious to what’s been going down, you can add your vote by clicking on the button below. Remember; you need to nominate me for the Best Family Life category. I think there’s only about three days left to get your nominations in, so don’t hang about. Oh, and you’ll be pleased to hear, the form only takes a minute to complete (unlike the Britmums one! GOD, that was a mission!).

MAD Blog Awards 2012


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