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The A-Team

The A-TeamSometimes creative inspiration comes from the most unlikely sources. I was polishing K’s resume the other night and explaining to him how most people view it as a laundry list of skills and achievements when really it needs to appear as the solution to a prospective employer’s problems. 

We discussed keywords and search terms a recruiter would use, which of his abilities made him stand above the crowd and what an international posting demands of a person. He said,

“Basically, they’re looking for someone with transferable skills who can hit the ground running, see what’s required and work independently to make it happen. Someone who’s flexible and adaptable and doesn’t need their hand held.”

An image popped into my head of a black-clothed figure being helicoptered in – an “engineer of fortune”, troubleshooter, the SEALs of the engineering world!

Later that night I couldn’t sleep; an idea was forming in my head. If any of you grew up with The A-Team, this’ll make you laugh…

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