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“Dear borderline me…”

Mind charity

I recently completed a piece of mindfulness homework that had an unexpected effect on me.

It seems the wonderful people who run the blog at Mind thought it was pretty special too. They asked me nicely to remove the swear-words, and then… they published it.

Mind is one of the UK’s biggest mental health charitable organizations. With actor Stephen Fry as it’s President, it brings awareness of mental health issues to a wide audience and provides advice and support to thousands experiencing difficulty. You’ve probably heard of it. Here’s an excerpt from my guest-post on their blog,

Dear borderline me, 

Well done for digging this out. I know things seem pointless right now so thanks for giving this a go.

Chances are you’ve been slogging away and just realised that, instead of “getting through it”, you’re actually sinking. We’ve been here before, right? We know the signs: stuff gets on top of you and instead of standing back and prioritising, you’ve tried to do it all and done none of it well. Everything makes you cry, the fear and negativity in the world seem overwhelming and you no longer find pleasure in simple things like a shower or fresh sheets. You wake in the morning exhausted wondering how you’ll get through the day. Your concentration’s shot and your inability to remember what you were doing two seconds ago is confirmation of your inadequacy.

It took me ages to write this because I didn’t think anything I could say would penetrate the cocoon of flaccid lethargy I know you’re sealed in right now. But what kind of a writer would we be if I believed that?

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4 thoughts on ““Dear borderline me…”

  1. HI Aisha, Have just had a thoroughly good read of that wonderful article. What a woman you are, It was truly moving, inspiring and powerful – I actually felt stuff shift inside me. Glad to know you have found compassion within yourself – and affection! Please could you link it up on the Your Stories Page of The Healer blog – to help those who are prone to such self-doubt. I think they could learn a great deal from your blog, your journey and you? Thank you so much for telling me about this. I, too, have bookmarked it. So proud of you 🙂

  2. As a human being I also encountered many ups and downs in the life. I remember as a child I had this strong relationship with my Allah al Mighty, when others say time Him, why you put me in so much trouble? Why me? I was my Dearest, dearest Allah, I’m in trouble, I’m sad, I’m hurt, I’m alone, I need you.
    Allah is here always with me, when I want a hug, assurance all will be fine, I get through dark and difficult times, negative times with a positive result. My Allah and believing saved me.

    • Thanks for your candid comment. One of the hardest things to grapple with is the feeling of profound loneliness that depression/difficulty can make us feel. You’re fortunate to have had this strength of faith that’s helped you through. A bright chink of positivity in the darkness was exactly what I hoped my letter to myself could deliver at a time when I might have trouble seeing it.

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