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Beautifully written, humorous and heartbreaking, Aisha has the wonderful ability to captivate and leave you wanting to read more.

Maria Larkin


Aisha’s blog posts cover a broad spectrum of topics, but never fail to be insightful, well-written, and timely! One post can be a light-hearted look at life as an expat, and the next a challenging and thought-provoking examination of mental illness or religion. I love Expatlogue’s ability to bravely encourage its readers to ask difficult questions about the issues we can no longer afford to shy away from.



Aisha writes from deep within her heart and about topics that are of interest to everyone – or at least they should be! I highly recommend you subscribe to and read her blog!



Aisha’s writing is always beautiful, well constructed and honest. A combination of posts that make you smile, laugh, cry and catch your breath – she has courage, a thirst to broach those questions many dare not ask and the ability to enhance it all with beautiful images. A must read.



Off the beaten track, sincere and nonconformist. Highly recommended!



I enjoy reading Aisha’s pieces. She delves deep into her own experiences and writes with honesty and sensitivity. I often see creativity, for example, The Model School, Athy. She’s brave to tackle topics that many won’t. Good luck, Aisha, keep up the great work.

Caroline McIntosh


Ace blog, interesting subjects and always well written. Keep it up Aisha.



Good observations on a wide range of issues..and well written.



Aisha is an extremely talented writer, she ‘sucks you in’..and you can’t stop reading, until you reach the end of the story, still leaving you hungry for more! Informative, interesting,insightful and written with passion.

Caroline Cole


I love this blog. It describes the feelings and experiences of being an expat so perfectly. I read it regularly with a smile and a nod, reliving my own feelings as an expat. It is humorous and fun.



Aisha’s blog is varied, thought provoking and awe inspiring as ever…very skillfully written.

Jujju Jiwa


Aisha is a gifted writer with fabulous insights.

Farzana Hassan


I just love Aisha’s blog – witty, intuitive, funny and well-observed.

Jack Scott


Aisha you are truly gifted in the delicate art of writing, understanding a world where boundaries are just the construct of ones own creation. Inspiring all that make this journey with you around the world. Your writing brings colour, sound and touch to all areas of life. Capturing the warmth and darkness of the fellow human. Great work lone wolf keep up the good work.


It’s always a pleasure to read Aisha’s beautifully written blog.

Maggie Myklebust


This blog is great…Aisha writes about a variety of stories and she writes beautifully.



Aisha writes with passion and conviction.



Being an expat myself a long time ago, it’s really great reading your blog entries and understanding the perspective from which you are seeing life in Canada. Welcome!



A beautifully written and informative blog – highly recommended



Aisha’s insights into expat life in Canada are entertaining, insightful and extremely well-written. I thoroughly recommend her blog to anyone who wants to know more about the cultural differences between Brits and Canadians. I also find her posts about Islaam particularly illuminating and helpful for anyone wanting to go beyond the stereotypes of muslims portrayed in the media.

Julie Dawn Fox


Expatlogue is absolutely one of my go-to expat blogs. Aisha captures a wide array of topical issues that balance making a new home in Canada with what interests expats/travelers worldwide.



Beautifully written, finely observed and highly informative. Kudos to Aisha for tackling many issues that are widely ignored, and always speaking from the heart. Love it.



I really enjoy this blog. It’s very well written and covers a variety of topics, some light hearted and some very serious. Aisha is observant, thoughtful and obviously puts a lot of time and effort into preparing her posts. Highly recommended.



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