“Aisha is a great addition to the contributor team at Global Living Magazine. A pleasure to work with, Aisha always produces clean, creative, focused and informative content. Her knowledge on expatriate living and travel is expansive and her ability to translate that knowledge into engrossing editorial content is admirable. We look forward to having her contribute more in the future and I highly recommend her as a writer and expert in issues related to expatriate living and world travel.”

Alison Cavatore, CEO, Founder & Editor in Chief at Global Living Magazine


“Aisha is a highly valued columnist at Expat Focus and a well respected blogger in her own right. Her writing is not only insightful and intelligent but also consistently demonstrates a remarkable degree of personal courage and compassion. Aisha has always been a pleasure to deal with and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Jamie Morris, Founder, ExpatFocus.com


“Aisha is a highly valued colleague who always brings a fresh, unique perspective to her articles. She epitomizes a well-rounded writer: solid writing skills, knows her own writing ‘voice’, has a knack for selecting topics of interest to a wide array of readers, and shares information knowledgeably with great empathy and humor.”

Linda A. Janssen, Monthly Columnist, ExpatFocus.com


“Aisha is highly personable and strikes the balance between professionalism and approachability perfectly. Aisha never once missed a deadline, more often than not she’d complete her work early.
Hard-working, consistent with a superb writing style Aisha would be a positive benefit to any company or individual wishing to hire her.”

Annie Spratt, founder of loveallblogs.com


“You mine your childhood in a rich, non-victim way. I admire that, and I admire your skill.”

Lorraine Sommerfeld, writer, columnist, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Hamilton Spectator


“…a lyrical writer”

Jo Parfitt, writer, publisher, speaker, mentor


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