You’re Beautiful

You're Beautiful, memeJenny at Cheetahsinmyshoes got a nifty new camera from Father Christmas last year – she’d been an exceptionally good girl! – and to celebrate she is busy capturing images of beauty to remind us of all that we have to be grateful for in this mad, mad world.

Sometimes, when it seems like staying positive is an uphill battle, all we need to do is take a deep breath and remember the small things that make us smile, or wonder at their existence – the flowers growing in inhospitable places, the curiosity on a child’s face, the kindness in a wordless gesture.

It’s a bittersweet truth that the world can be a frightening, terrible place but, at the same time, it can overwhelm us with its vast capacity for beauty…

9 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful

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  6. Looking into that angelic face has taken me to a revitalizing place. Thank you I feel free from personal woes. Cheers Kathy

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