I Did It!!! NaBloPoMo’s Over

This post is testament to the completion of a personal challenge. I only started blogging four months ago. It’s the first meaningful and completely selfish thing I have done since the birth of my last child. It takes me away from my children, it means the house isn’t so clean and the ironing basket is never empty, it robs my husband of my company in the evenings. I started it because it was an easy way of keeping friends and family involved in our lives, now that we’re in Canada; but it’s become something I do for no-one but myself. It feels fantastic and I’ve missed doing something creative that gives you a buzz like this. It’s made me realise the extent to which I had put my life on hold while I raised children.

National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) is the blogging equivalent to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and has been running every November since 2006. The aim is simple – to write a post every day of the month. I’m a sucker for a challenge and immediately thought, “Could I do that? Could I commit myself to doing this on a daily basis?” The obvious answer is “OF COURSE I COULD!!!! WHERE DO I SIGN??” but there’s more to it than that. It’s not always easy to follow your creative train of thought through the cacophony of three squabbling kids, or when it gets interrupted by mealtimes, nap-times, bedtimes, story-times… blogging was fine as an indulgence when I had a spare few minutes, but could I make the grade when it became a daily requirement?

On one hand, the answer has been a resounding “Yes!” I have written a post every day of this month, whatever was happening. I have stuck with it and proved to myself I could do it. From a statistical point of view, this blog received marginally less traffic in November than it did in October, I have gained six subscribers and lost one. So NaBloPoMo has not generated masses of site traffic – I suspect everyone has been too busy feverishly scribbling their own posts to worry much about anyone elses. But 5 new subscribers is heartwarming, a positive affirmation, I love you, each and every one!  (I’m still mulling over what might have caused one to leave…)

On a personal level, it has been a big blogging confidence boost and has widened my network of blogger friends and blogs I follow, helping to shape my vision and re-calibrate my course, taking my writing beyond purely expatriate affairs, and into other areas. The biggest lesson I have come to learn About Me, is that my whole life has been an eventful journey, full of things others could not imagine. I have many experiences to draw upon, that have made me the person I am today, so why limit myself in my writing?

But what do the people who read this blog think? Has quantity caused quality to suffer? And what about those who have subscribed? Did you enjoy the extra material or resent the bombardment of your inbox, that ever-growing list in your RSS feed? Leave a comment below, so I know whether to get sucked into this again next year. Some people are carrying on throughout the month of December… and as far as I know they’re insane not Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or whatever, so it’s not like they haven’t got stuff to be doing around the 25th! Me? I’ll be indulging in some long overdue activity of the ironing variety… for the next couple of days, anyway… and my husband will be chuffed to get his wife back.

8 thoughts on “I Did It!!! NaBloPoMo’s Over

  1. Hi Aisha! Well, I would have to say you dove in head first with this new blog life. You found out quickly it is a wonderful way to be creative, make friends and get your two cents in about things. It should come with a warning “Beware, Blogging is Addicting”! Don’t get too hung up on the stats. It takes time to cultivate followers. You just keep posting and going about the business at hand and watch it grow. I’ll be the one to take the place of the one that left, how about that? Have you discovered the series “Corner Gas” now that you are in Canada eh? What a hoot! Only in syndication as the series finished up, but I bet reruns show on Canadian TV. You have a wonderfully entertaining space here. Oh, and thanks so much for visiting my little corner or the blogging world and subscribing. It allowed me to find YOU. Margie

    • Hi Margie, thanks for the warm welcome, and please do tuck yourself in there in that still warm space 🙂 Blogging is definitely addictive – and legal!!! Shame it took me so long to discover it! We don’t have cable so Canadian TV is an uncharted area for us, but I think I’ll dig around on the internet and see if I can find some episodes of Corner Gas – I googled it and it sounded like it had potential…to go either way! Thank you for subscribing, I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I love gazing at your photos!

  2. Caught many of your NaBloPoMo posts (the rest are safely in my inbox, have no fear). While I didn’t participate this month, I’ve also done daily postings and learned a lot about myself and the great folks who come along for the ride. My findings (and hence a thought for you)? Write whatever your little heart desires, more often than less. Other than that, don’t sweat it. Bravo, well done!

    • Thanks Linda, I was coming around to that idea myself, hence the changes to my About Me page. My blog is evolving as my voice is growing 🙂
      I find myself sat here today, still typing, still bashing stuff out. NaBloPoMo seems to have set something off…

  3. I look forward to awaken to one of your cheerful antidotes. I also enjoy your comparative influences regarding home and country. I begin my day with a hot cup of behavior modification “C affine that is ” and I don’t stop running. Inspired and grateful to know that I’m not alone in my quest to reclaim the “Me” factor through out the day surrounded by my favorite little people. I Thank you, know lets go viral and give you the notoriety that you deserve. By the way you have inspired my every shopping experience to look for unique English confectionery and condiments at present . Expect my full list of location and price lines in the very near future.

    • Hahaha, my pleasure Kathy, it’s great to hear you’re enjoying my ramblings so much! I’m not quite myself until I’ve had my “behaviour modification” too! But a couple of cups usually ensures I’ve got something to write about, although the chocolate situation here at present is a worrying state of affairs – I definitley need to check out Bulk Barn this weekend, my sources tell me it’s the place to pick up British confectionary! I’ll have to go and inspect their Curly Wurlies sooner rather than later. Gosh that sounds rude!

    • I could give you a few unfriendly suggestions about what to do with your ironing, or we could attempt a Great Wall of Ironing stretching from St Albans to Toronto – there’s just the tiny difficulty of the Atlantic to overcome…

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